Get the courage to kiss her


Getting the courage to kiss a girl can be really hard. You should know that kissing when you go on a date can sometime be a bad decision. You will need to decide yourself when it is the right time for you to kiss a girl. There are some tips that you can take into consideration when deciding the right time to kiss a girl.

First of all you shouldn`t masturbate before your date. Although it is nothing wrong with masturbation, you should know that this will kill your motivation. You won`t have the same sexual drive if you masturbate the day you are going on a date with your favorite girl. If you have a date coming up in a few days, you shouldn`t do that in order for the sexual desires to be greater for the next days.

It is very healthy to show sexual interest. If you aren`t comfortable with your sexuality, will be harder for a woman to be comfortable with it. You shouldn`t be worried that you will do something wrong. If you want to kiss a girls and she is not into it, you don`t have something to feel ashamed off. It only means that she wasn`t feeling the same way. You still made the right move though and you will find out the truth faster or later.

Small wins will boost your confidence a lot. You aren`t going to get clear signs from a woman in order to tell when it is the right moment to kiss her. You should start small. You can complement her and light touching her arm. You can even ask her a very intimate question. If she takes your flirting well, you will have a green light. If a girl is flirting with you and she is probably on a date with you, then there are chances that she is probably interested.

You should be getting turned on when you are on a date. You should look at a girl like a beautiful, sexual being she is. You should think of the curves of her body and how incredible she looks under her clothes. The desire has to motivate you. The desire needs to come from both of the partners. You need the desire to do a lot of things with her in order to make those things a reality. The healthy desires will be healthy for you.